I relapsed, and drowned. I'm not perfect. But here's what I know. I may become lonely, but I can find company in myself. It's okay that people leave, it happens. Just remember what good impact they had on my life because they were special and helped make Bond. I must be myself. I can not put up walls and hide my problems. I can be vulnerable and show my flaws because that’s the only way I can begin to trust. I need to be okay with conflict. It is only natural and unavoidable. I need to just be comfortable with not choosing the safe answer and to stop worrying that there is a non-safe response. I need to advocate for myself and ask for help. I need to believe I'm a good person. It's not always my fault when bad things happen. It's better to be optimistic. Life sucks enough, but being depressed and thinking it's against you will get me nowhere. I'm not perfect. I know I'll mess up. But I'm good at heart, and I'm enough in mind. For every wave that drowns you, there is a trough to catch your breath. Don't worry, waves don't remain big forever.
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