I love big, I love exclusivity, I love environment, I love importance.
As a photographer I want to have access and do things normal people wouldn't be able to do. I want to capture events that are important in human history as the art of photography is to make something that will last forever locking in the frame of time. But I also like simple things. A sidewalk at that point of time may be exactly the same a century along, but it may be unrecognizable for what's around it. The buildings, the dress of the pedestrians, and the vehicles parked along the curb.
But I also just want to show the beauty of the world with and without humans. We are so self-important that we focus on ourselves, but what about the things going on around us? If I had a choice of where I am, put me on top of a skyscraper in Manhattan shooting the whole island. Millions of people and centuries of history in one image. Or, put me in the mountains, untouched by humans with no one around for miles.
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