Loneliness is a dangerous foe for me. I've never been great in groups but I still draw energy from doing activities with others. As I'm leaving college I've found that the groups I had grown accustomed to are no longer there. I had relied on others for too long and I wasn't comfortable with being lonely. I am scared of being left behind, abandoned, where others move on and I am stuck and forgotten. Things were changing and I didn't know what was next, so I felt lonely. One of the best things we can do for ourselves though is to feel comfort from ourselves when we are alone. I'm trying to return to that place as I know I am strongest when I can rely on myself. It is only then that we can look for companionship as it isn't from a necessity to battle Loneliness but from a well-meaning love of others' company. So while I may be alone right now, I am not lonely as I have myself for company.
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